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VR Series Vertical Wind Turbine

Resistance type

Appealing appearance,
Aluminum crust of generator
Easy to install and maintain.
Improved power supply solution
High generating efficiency,
Light weight,
Low starting torque, ,
Higher electric performance use performance

Q: What is Vertical Axis Wind Turbine compared with traditional horizontal axis wind turbine?
A: If the pivot of the turbine is vertical to the ground, then it is a vertical axis wind turbine, vice
    versa. Most of the wind turbines, the ones with three blades that we see frequently today are
    horizontal axis wind turbines.  
Q: Why vertical axis wind turbines make much less noise than horizontal axis wind turbines?
A: The cause of noise is mainly because of blades cutting through air flow. However, air flow
    through vertical axis wind turbine is different and the rotation speed is much lower. As a
    result, it produces much less noise, almost no noise at all.  
Q: Why are our products most advanced?
A: The design and development of the products followed a strict process. Firstly, we verified
    our ideas by relevant theories, and then conducted computer facilitated simulation (CFD).
    When choosing materials, we calculated, compared and adjusted intensity of various types of
    materials. Before finalizing the design, each new product has to go through countless
    experiments in wind tunnel to further prove its functions. We already have 9 international
    invention patents resulted from the research. So Aeolus is the leader in the vertical axis wind
    turbine section of the industry with cutting edge products and it is the only one who has
    successfully transferred the technology to manufacturing.    
Q: Who are the potential users of vertical axis wind turbine?
A: As it has advantages such as lower noise, it can be used in both rural and urban areas given
    the local wind and site conditions fit. Public lighting, monitor controlling system, oil fields
    and other city facilities and commercial purposes could use our products as well. Because
    wind directions doní»t affect the function of the equipment, so it works even better on
    yachts, islands, offshore oil fields where wind is more turbulent.  
Q: How to choose the capacity of the wind turbine group?
A: Generally speaking, capacity = rating load power X (1.3 -1.5),  depends on the  local wind
Q: How to choose the capacity of the accumulator?
A: This formula could help to calculate: =daily usage x number of days without wind power /  
    number of accumulators / voltage of the accumulator
Q: What are the Dos and Doní»ts in installation?
A: 1. Doní»t incur any scratches on the surface of the equipment to prevent rust.
    2. Keep blades parallel to the vertical axis when installing.
    3. Screws should be reinforced with fixing glues after being screwed tightly
    4. The main axis should be vertical to the ground.
    Please refer to the Installation Manuel for detailed instructions. 
Q: How to get Vertical wind products?
A: Please email to windgenerator@163.com for product inquiries.Wind-Turbine-Genereator
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